Arefousa/Mosxato-Plati Yialo-Aspronissia-Makronissia-Katsadia (Lipso)


First stop is going to be Argelousa or Moschato. You Will find information about Moschato as our fourth cruise. Arefousa  is a rocky island that belongs to Lipsi.

We will talk there on the green water is next to the sharp rocks and have our first continuation we will visit Platis Gialos which is one of the beaches of Lipsi that has shallow blue waters and sandy beaches which is where we are going to swim and enjoy some sea Arjun that our skipper will have A drink on the boat.

Aspronisia which is  two White Rocky Islands that are interconnected is under a white sandy path which creates a blue lagoon effect. A stop there is a must and while you enjoy the waves and the natural beauty of the area your skipper will be bringing you fruits and drinks and perhaps some seafood to catch. Then, on to Makronisi which is famous for the underwater cave that leads to a greater which looks almost  like blue lagoon for the fans or driving it’s an ideal spot for high diving and climbing on the rocks on the islands

Additionally there is a cave where you may enter diving under water. Your experienced skipper will make sure that your underwater diving inside and outside the caves is done in complete safety. After all this diving, we will approach the beach of Katsadia, on the island of Lipsoi, to have a quick relaxing swim before heading back.

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