Kabanaria-Prasonisi-Psili Amo-Kouvari


A cruise at the infamous hard to reach spots of Patmos.

Firs stop will be at Kampanaria, just outside Petra of Patmos, a beach with incdreadible blue colors that are full of large rocks that look like they have dropped from the sky. Continuing to Prasonisi, where we make a stopbetween the rocks and dive in the bottom of the sea. Your skipper will reach for sea food and serve it for you in the form of sushi, to enjoy with your drink. Then heading of to Koubari, a white pebble beach of Patmos with deep blue waters, where we will swim and enjoy some freshly cut fruit. Continuing form there we will visit Psili Amos,which is othersise a very difficult beach to reach, but the most impressive one of the island. The volumes of sandy dunes make this large beach very secluded, as the walk on the dunes is over 30’. You can enjoy a great lunch at the small tavern on the beach.

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