Limanari-Tiganakia-Arki-Marathi-Argeloussa (Arki)


Limanari is located on the north east side of Arkious and it’s in tales by a sandy beach with very serene crystal blue waters. Your skipper will reach out for sea urchin or small fish while you enjoy your swim.

A second stop in the famous Tiganakia  which is the sea area between the east side of the big island and Avaptistos island. Who will enjoy the crystal blue water of the area and sunbathe. We Will enjoy word serious or the area and sunbathe we’ll we’ll have some fruits have a drink of our preference and take off to Marathi depending on which island you prefer to have a coffee. At Marathi we can also swim as it’s a very charming and quiet Island. There’s three restaurants on the beach  in the restaurant which is located five minutes away walking with a great view so we can choose between the four of them. Once we have  visited Arkious and Marathi or vice versa we can have a last stop before the way back to another island called Argelousa.

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