Frequently Asked Questions & Answers FAQs

Anyone between the ages of 23 to 70 that possesses an at least 12 month valid driving license regardless his/hers ethnicity
At the pick-up point the driver has to cite his Identification Card or Passport, an at least 12 month valid European or International driving license and a credit card (VISA, Master Card or American Express) for safety reasons.
All the rentals include standard insurance coverage, third party insurance coverage, unlimited miles and 24 hour emergency road service.
When the accident is caused by the customer then he is responsible for paying the damages. In case of full coverage he/she is accountable for the damage on his/hers vehicle. When it is not the customer’s fault then he/she should park the car and call us to take over with no extra charges. After rental, a vehicle is under the responsibility of the customer who signed it.
Rossi rent a car offers the pick-up/drop-off service and gives you the option of picking up or dropping off the car from specific locations other than the company’s offices.
All rented cars are to be driven on asphalt streets only. There is no insurance coverage for any possible damages caused by driving off road (tires, wheels etc)
The vehicle pick up can occur anywhere on Patmos and at all times while the drop off between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. at the location agreed.
No, the vehicle is available only for transportation on the island.